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09 Feb 2024

These 8 New Sustainability Trends Are Making Waves In The Food And Beverage Industry In 2024

These 8 New Sustainability Trends Are Making Waves In The Food And Beverage Industry In 2024

The rise of eco-conscious lifestyle choices affects every industry, including food and beverage brands. Companies must meet consumer demands and stay ahead with innovative ideas to succeed. Read these sustainable food trends to learn what’s ahead for each industry.


The International Data Corporation found 29.9% of consumers want more eco-friendly products and offers within industry marketplaces. People in the food and beverage industry must meet that demand to maintain nearly a third of their consumer base. Locally sourced ingredients are an easy way to transition into a more eco-friendly business model without a complete structural overhaul. Business owners can meet with local farmers to discuss procurement arrangements.

Getting fresh food from nearby farms requires less fuel. It may only take a gallon or two to deliver things locally, compared to hundreds or thousands of gallons for national or international deliveries. The reduced shipping distance even makes delivery fees less costly. It’s an easy solution for anyone looking to go green because it only takes a few phone calls to set up new ongoing deliveries.


Food-focused shops and restaurants need more water than other businesses like retail stores. They have to wash food, prep water-based recipes, keep the kitchen clean and ensure guests have constant access to restrooms. It’s impossible to do business without the limited natural resource, but low-flow water systems are a big part of sustainable beverage trends.

Low-flow plumbing reduces a facility’s overall water pressure, conserving it during daily use. As consumers order things that require water — like sodas or smoothies — nearby signage can inform them how the restaurant uses less water than competitors. Interested business owners can look into these options with low-flow nozzles or more extensive plumbing upgrades.


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