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16 May 2024

Dubai Farms Initiative Gains Momentum with Bumblebee Farm’s Commitment to Local Agriculture

Dubai Farms Initiative Gains Momentum with Bumblebee Farm’s Commitment to Local Agriculture

A movement to support local agriculture and foster sustainability, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan has launched ‘Dubai Farm’, an initiative aimed at supporting Emirati farmers and enhancing the region’s agricultural landscape. Embracing this noble cause, Bumblebee Food, a leading provider of ready-made meal plans for babies and toddlers, have partnered with different farms in Dubai to align with the goals to meet the vision.

The vision for Dubai Farms is to revolutionise Dubai’s agricultural landscape, Bumblebee Food stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, by supporting local farms and making environmentally conscious practices by reducing carbon footprints. Bumblebee Food has a small family-run farm, which produces a modest array of vegetables and fruits. The produce is entirely pesticide-free, chemical-free, non-GMO and clean, they aim to boost their production to meet growing demand.

Aligned with the Dubai Social Agend 33 objectives, Bumblebee Food is dedicated to promoting local farming and sourcing ingredients exclusively from local farms. This partnership supports the development of the agriculture sector and enhances the sustainability of crops, all leading to making Dubai’s agriculture more productive and sustainable.

In an era dominated by imported goods, which is now changing due to technological advancements in agriculture, the emphasis now rests on the importance of local agriculture in Dubai, and the need to develop and sustain it. Bumblebee Food has already taken the lead by sourcing all its ingredients from local farms. Not only are they championing the cause of local farmers, but they are also adhering to the ethos of sustainable production.

Bumblebee will continue to support local farms as they aim to support the agricultural sector into becoming a key strategic pillar for the government of Dubai to achieve self-sufficiency.

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