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Gulfood Green 2024

19 Feb 2024

GMG accelerates its farm-to-fork strategy at Gulfood with innovative product launches

GMG accelerates its farm-to-fork strategy at Gulfood with innovative product launches

GMG, a global well-being company retailing, distributing, and manufacturing a portfolio of leading international and home-grown brands across sport, everyday goods, health and beauty, properties, and logistics sectors, has launched their latest brand and product innovation at Gulfood 2024 -, the world’s largest annual F&B sourcing event.

Aligned with GMG's values to keep evolving and reflecting their commitment to meeting the changing needs and preferences of consumers, GMG has introduced their latest product innovation of Farm Fresh Chicken Chips, “Shnax”. Crafted entirely from 100% chicken, these chips offer consumers a healthier snacking option, reshaping perceptions of traditional snacks, and reflecting the company’s path to growth and excellence.

This year, GMG has welcomed their partners at a state-of-the-art stand, designed by AUD students, in a one-of-a-kind partnership. The space features GMG’s Maison Houses, leading with their largest brand “Farm Fresh”, championing their snacking category, and unveiling their cutting-edge innovations.

GMG brings back the tales of the Spice Route from East to West, through their “Herbs & Spices Maison”, featuring RUH, AL SERR, & SAPORA. Additionally, GMG has utilized the space as a platform to preview their latest food brands “La Invitada”, a fusion Tex-Mex brand, and “AL SERR,” their newest food brand, a portfolio of spices, sauces and condiments.

Mohammad A Baker, Deputy Chairman and CEO of GMG, stated, "Gulfood is a strategic platform that propels us into the future, where we proudly unveil our cutting-edge products and underscore our sustained growth and strategic partnerships. This platform serves as a beacon that highlights GMG's innovative spirit and our unique value proposition within the bustling food sector of the region. Our pioneering portfolio of new food products and engaging stories behind our brands will enable us to connect directly with industry leaders, stakeholders, and consumers at the show. Furthermore, our unique collaboration with the American University in Dubai to design our stand exemplifies GMG's vision to support and empower the next generation, bringing us closer than ever to our community."

As a homegrown company, GMG stands firmly behind the UAE’s food security strategy – a critical national goal heightened by the recent upheavals in the global supply chain. The company’s 'Farm to Fork' strategy is the key driver for this vision, which covers the entire food consumption chain, from homegrown food brands to food retail stores that distribute a plethora of brands.

For over four decades, GMG's Everyday Goods - Food division has delivered high-quality, nutritious food products to its consumers through innovative brands such as Farm Fresh, Chef's Choice, Klassic, Sapora, Noor Al Islami, RUH. At Gulfood, visitors can explore this comprehensive portfolio, covering the entire consumer journey from 'farm-to-fork'.

Roy Nasrallah, Vice President - Marketing at GMG, stated, "At GMG, our core focus is on our consumers and pioneering innovation. The food sector presents us with a thrilling opportunity to harness our creativity, delivering unparalleled brand experiences that resonate with our audience. This year, we're elevating our strategy to new heights by unveiling 'Shnax' under our Farm Fresh brand. This move signifies a dynamic shift from traditional frozen offerings to a lively and engaging snacking option, specifically designed to appeal to the health-conscious consumer. It's a bold step that reflects our commitment to revolutionizing the snacking landscape."

GMG's presence at Gulfood, from February 19 to 23, 2024, provides the ideal platform for the company to demonstrate its unique value proposition for the region's food sector. The expanded exhibition space, partnerships, introduction of new brands, and the overarching theme of growth and innovation embody the company's values and DNA.



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