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08 Apr 2024

Saskatchewan: A Global Hot Spot for Agriculture Innovation

Saskatchewan: A Global Hot Spot for Agriculture Innovation

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is a treasure trove of resources—especially when it comes to pulses and ag-tech. Saskatchewan is home to 40 per cent of Canada’s farmland, and produces 3 million metric tonnes of pulses annually, including chickpeas, beans, peas, and lentils. In 2023, they exported 3.5 million metric tonnes of pulses to 115 countries. That’s a total of $3.3 billion worth of goods. They’re also home to leading-edge ag-tech organizations including the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS), University of Saskatchewan (USask), and the Saskatchewan Food Centre, all of which pioneer cutting-edge innovations in the agrifood sector.

GIFS conducts research advancing understandings of soil, microbe, and root interactions as well as on plant imaging to support genomics-based breeding of crops using Omics and Precision Agriculture Laboratory. They’re Canada’s only lab providing integrated omics analyses and precision agriculture technologies.

The USask is a world leader in agricultural crop research, plant breeding as well as food processing. Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre has released over 500 new commercial varieties in more than 40 different crop types.

The Saskatchewan Food Centre is home to some of the latest and most innovative food and ag-tech. This is especially true when it comes to fermentation. Currently, the Food Centre is in the process of building a new fermentation facility with production capacity of up to 20,000 liters. This facility will act as a bridge for companies to test and produce their precision fermentation products. It will allow companies to assess commercial success before establishing their own large-scale production facilities.

The centre is a nonprofit organization created to support the food industry. They offer expertise in protein and starch processing, separation, and analysis, including cereals, pulses, canola, and other specialty grains. Anyone from start-ups to established corporations, from small, local companies to large, international customers, can use the Food Centre as a resource. It’s a one-stop-shop for food ingredient and product development. Products made at this centre can be marketed across Canada, in the US, and internationally.

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