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Gulfood Green 2024

Giovanni Angiolini

Giovanni Angiolini

Director Middle East & Africa, Dutch Greenhouse Delta

Giovanni Angiolini is the Founder and CEO of Trapital, a private holding company with offices in the Netherlands and the UAE, established in 2017. In his leadership role, Giovanni manages a broad portfolio of companies and initiatives, driving growth and value across diverse industries through his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Trapital’s consultancy division, located in Meydan Free Zone Dubai, UAE, specializes in providing strategic project management and business consultancy services to organizations in the Middle East and Africa. The company boasts a successful history of collaboration with entities such as The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, utilizing its extensive networks and expertise to propel impactful projects across various sectors. Giovanni is instrumental in fostering public-private collaborations between the Netherlands government and the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry, focusing on positioning Dutch companies in the Gulf region's CEA and water management sectors. His efforts are integral to initiatives like the Partners for International Business (PIB), which aim to leverage Dutch expertise to meet the growing agricultural and water management needs in cthe GCC ountries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman. Through these programs, Giovanni ensures the innovative solutions of Dutch companies contribute significantly to sustainable agricultural advancements in the Gulf. While Dutch Greenhouse Delta is one of Trapital’s main clients and commisioners, Giovanni leverages his extensive experience in business consultancy and public-private collaborations to bolster Dutch horticulture and water management in the Middle East. Additionally, Giovanni serves on the Advisory Committee of the newly established Food Security and Technology Centre (FSTC) at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, and on the advisory board of a regenerative agriculture program by Goumbook, a leading UAE-based organization. His policy advising expertise extends to developing sustainable food-producing ecosystems in urban and peri-urban areas worldwide. Giovanni’s extensive network facilitates international collaborations, significantly advancing sustainable agriculture practices globally.



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