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Luca Cobre

Luca Cobre

Executive Chef, Healthy Farm Eatery

Chef of Venetian origin, Italian pearl in the world, city of sea and conquerors and the first spice dealers from India and all over the world since 1500 . Chef  who has fully embraced the values of the research of premium raw materials OGM free, Trade Fair, Environmental Friendly and Organic as much as possible with cooking execution linked on family memories. A supporter of the UNESCO Mediterranean diet as a simple but authentic way of cooking. Love travels and take refuge in the small companies and farms producing special foods in the World because believer that the main taste born in the land or in small scale business . Always get involved in culinary challenges related to the territory where the raw material coming from!!! OWN the Theory of 5  S : 5 stars in hospitality that are the following:

S Semplicity - S  Sharing - S Serenety - S  Sensation - S Sincere

In last 5 years Executive Chef and Creator of the “healthy concept” Healthy Farm Eatery , , Instagram @healthyfarmeatery , belong the sponsorship of the Royal Family of Sharjah Al Qassimi, with head quarter in Sharjah and today with 3 branches in Dubai. Designed the restaurant and kitchen, designed and create the outlets, follow up the fit out till the creation of the menu and dishes related to restaurant and outlets, staffing and training the brigada and all related details belong to the start-up. Thanks to the long experience and good relation with suppliers that was selected in the UAE the daily offer is based on premium end meals appreciated from a significant number of customers. In the same period developed and design an important project in Plant Base Vegan products through the creation of Burger, Sausage and Balls with a personal and exclusive recipe, realized a dedicated Vegan cloud kitchen, where actually one of the main customer is the COSTA COFFEE that choose Healthy Farm Eatery as the single partner in the new segment for all the 160 shops in UAE. Belong the passion for the milk and local products long time was dedicated to get to produce a Camel Cheese.  Making camel’s cheese was always going to be a challenge as it’s difficult to coagulate the milk into a curd – it doesn’t have the proteins to coagulate naturally – and protein and fat tends to be lost into the whey. But challenge is good so after a while was created DUNE Camel Cheese that today is already welcome in most common and Royals Families in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc … Produced daily in Al Dhaid in a dedicate cheese factory set-up from Chef Luca included the recipes and the method of production.




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