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Mohamed Aissaoui

Mohamed Aissaoui

CEO and Founder, MyFarm Dubai
I am Mohamed Aissaoui, the proud CEO and Founder of My Farm. I represent the fifth generation of farmers in my family and bring with me a background in engineering.
My journey with My Farm has been driven by the convergence of low-tech and new-tech approaches, all aimed at optimizing organic food production safely. At the core of our mission lies the creation of circular systems, which we believe to be the key to achieving the UAE's food security goals. My Farm takes a unique approach to nurturing plants, fruits, and vegetables. We provide them with the time they need to grow naturally in a forest soil, all without disrupting the delicate ecosystem. Quality stands as one of our paramount priorities.
To achieve this, we have meticulously curated a selection of heirloom seeds, now numbering over a thousand. These seeds are cultivated in the desert with minimal energy, with over 100 varieties naturally adapting to our challenging climate.
Our relentless pursuit is to continually push the boundaries of these seeds. On one side of our farm, we cultivate grass organically to sustain our goats. These animals are treated to fresh, wholesome food daily, resulting in waste that is thoughtfully returned to our compost area. After 6-7 months, this compost reinvigorates our land, in a beautiful cycle where the enriched soil nourishes our plants, which, in turn, feed our animals and us. The extensive use of compost breathes life into the desert soil, enabling it to retain water where it's needed most - around the root systems. We've learned valuable lessons from nature's own forests, where plants thrive without human intervention. Efficiency is our guiding principle, driving our continuous study and learning from our ecosystem.
This ecosystem sustains us, and our commitment is to understand its workings, protect it, and nourish it. At My Farm, we aspire to establish a harmonious relationship where we feed the ecosystem, and it, in turn, bestows upon us the highest-quality produce, even in the heart of Dubai's desert. I hold a strong belief that if our work can thrive in one of the most challenging places for agriculture, it can serve as a beacon of success for agriculture everywhere around the world.

With utmost dedication,
Mohamed Aissaoui CEO and Founder
MyFarm Dubai


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