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The Terra Awards - Public

terra awards

The Terra Awards

The Terra Awards Championing a Sustainable Future

The Terra Awards celebrating  innovation and leadership in sustainability across the entire food and beverage industry. Recognising companies, entrepreneurs, and products that prioritise the health of our planet, these prestigious awards inspire positive change throughout the food system.


Categories to Recognise Every Sustainability Champion

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Criteria And Eligibility

Judges will consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry and should relate to work completed either partially or fully, within the past 12 calendar months and/or was completed and launched prior to the last 12 months but had recent achievements or milestones, advancements, development and implementation of strategy, initiatives, ongoing practices, projects, innovations for further improvement.

Judges are asked to score the achievements portrayed in each entry based on:

  • The merits of the claims in the entry,
  • The judges’ experience and knowledge of the industry and their understanding of how organisations and individuals in the nominee's industry performed in the eligibility timeframe, given the condition of the economy in general and the nominee's industry in particular. 

All entries are first reviewed by DTWC staff to ensure that eligibility requirements are met, that entries are formatted properly in order to go forward to be judged, and that entries have been submitted in appropriate categories.

All entries to the Terra Awards will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Originality and Innovation
  • Impact and Value Creation
  • Transferability
  • Sustainability
  • Industry Relevance
  • Business Transformation
  • Application of Technology
  • Efficiency and Cost Improvements


  • Registration and entry submission are free of charge.
  • Open to all! We will welcome submissions from businesses, organisations, and individuals committed to a sustainable food system.
  • Each nomination form is valid for one (1) entry/project/product/innovation only. If you are nominating several projects, please enter each separately.
  • ‘*’ indicates a mandatory field entry requirement.


Submissions Close   23 August at 17:00hrs GST
Shortlist Announced 3 September 2024
Awards Presentation 24 September 2024


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